Violet Flame

The violet flame is a tool which is employed to release karma. It raises frequency and consciousness awareness and accelerates spiritual growth. Its purpose is to transmute negative energy into positive energy, allowing a soul to burn off karmic ties that bind it to the physical realm. The color violet is a higher frequency in the color spectrum, and is a color linked to the crown chakra. This chakra allows us to


Stargate  or SG stands for Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry refers to "the sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality." Sacred Geometry is often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. Its geometry and mathematical ratios are also believed to be found in music, light and cosmology.  This "divine ratio" is considered prevalent even in prehistoric tim

Zebron and Alexandra

Zebron is an entity who understood all things, but was lonely. Story goes that he created twin pyramids and placed them together at their apexes. He created this so that his thoughts could create realities that he could experience. He watched as his thoughts happen before his eyes. He however, remained lonely. He decided to make a female entity just like himself – including powers to understand the universe

Zarah and Zorel

Legend tells the story of Zarah and Zorel, creational entities who existed in The Continuum, surrounded by the 12 pyramids of light. The story goes that the two, along with their assistant, Amun, experimented with different frequency dimensions simultaneously to find out which one will result in souls losing their ability to remember their spiritual identity.  In their previous experiment, the couple experi

Winged Beings

Beings with wings are often described in ancient writings, and depicted in ancient artworks and hieroglyphs. Often, the Being is part-human, with bird wings and head. These symbolize the transition of human consciousness to higher realms of thought. Winged Beings appear in Mythology, ancient glyphs and texts, in cave paintings, and in Creational Myths. They usually have wings to denote that their origins are somew


Walk-in refers to the even wherein a person’s body becomes by a different consciousness other than the natural resident. It is believed that the original soul has departed and has been replaced by a new soul, or a new soul has come to share occupancy of the body along with the original soul. Often this will occur during traumatic experiences that lead to a near-death experience on the operating table. It is a

Understanding Poltergeists

A poltergeist refers to ghosts and spirits that usually try to manifest or show itself by moving physical objects. It is a German term composed of two words- "poltern" which means to rumble or make noise and "Geist" for "spirit" or "ghost". The occurrence of poltergeists has been reported from different countries and is a phenomenon that seems to have similar characteristics

Understanding Mythology

Mythology is basically a study of myths or a collection of it. Myths are mostly considered as false stories base don the imagination or fantasy. But as far as people who study myths are concerned, mythology is far more than just studying a collection of false imaginary stories. Myths and mythology do not necessarily mean that they are based in falsity. In fact those who study it, define sit conventionally as an an

Soul Mates

The term "soul mates" have been popularly used in many aspects of society, mostly with romantic connotations. The term usually describes an individual that seems to have a deep and natural affinity for another person. Many people seem to believe that each one has another person in the world especially fated for him or her. Be it for love, intimacy, spiritually or plain compatibility, there are always two

The Shining Ones

The Shining Ones usually appear in various myths and folklore from different cultures all over the world. They usually come in different names and descriptions, but they have one thing in common- they are usually considered as gods and as forces of light. So much goes to the mystery of the Shining Ones but their existence in many of the ancient stories covering separate cultures is worthy of noting. Basic Descript

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