Mysterious Places: Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a place located in the Somerset region of England. It is a small town that has been inhabited since the Neolithic times, a period also known as the last part of the Stone Age. Maybe it is because of its long and ancient history that Glastonbury has been associated with being a spiritual center and a place with its mythical appeal.

Glastonbury History

Glastonbury was said to have been occupied since the Neolithic times. Early accounts of its existence was first recorded in the 7th and early 8th Century where it was then called Glestingaburg. The Romans who conquered Great Britain built wharves on the nearby Bristol Bay which converted Glastonbury into an important shipping area. Eventually, Glastonbury Abbey was built in the town , which became known as the oldest Christian church in England.

Mysterious Glastonbury

The mythical aspect of Glastonbury may have come from ancient stories and legends that have come to evolve through the years. Some legends say that Glastonbury was where Joseph of Arimethea, a biblical character known to have prepared Christ’s body for burial after the Crucifixion, landed and established the first Christian church in England. Some accounts say that he brought the Holy Grail with him. This may have brought about other legends centuries later of King Arthur going on a quest to find the Holy Grail.

Glastonbury Abbey is another area in the town that was surrounded by many legends. The oldest Christian monastery in England was said to be a burial place of King Arthur. Legend has it that two monks discovered two stone markers and a giant coffin along with a tablet identifying that the remains were those of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Glastonbury eventually became a favorite location for many ancient festivals which include Celtic May Day festivities to present day New Age festivals.

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