Mythical Hall of Records of Egypt

The Hall of Records is the supposed library that is buried under the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. It is said to contain the extensive knowledge of ancient Egypt written in papyrus scrolls, much like in the same manner that the Great Library of Alexandria housed the knowledge of ancient Greece. There has been a continuing debate whether the Hall of Records actually exists. Previous excavations in and around the area have not yielded any conclusive results of such a library ever existing.

Library Description

Long regarded as a myth by many Egyptologists, there are still others who believe that such a Hall of Records exists. The actual origin from where the whole Hall of Records story is based from remains unknown. But stories of such a library already existed even during the time of Pliny the Elder. Known psychic Edgar Cayce also reported several psychic readings of the Hall of Records in Egypt. Cayce even predicted that the Hall of Records would be discovered around 1998. But so far, no one has yet seen it come to light.

Hall Of Record Theories

There are many alternative theories surrounding the Hall of Records. Some believe that this library actually transcends the mere physical world. Some believe that the Hall of Records remains unseen in reality but exists metaphysically. The library can be accessed subconsciously and may contain the sacred knowledge of the earth.

Some theories put the Hall of Records as not just the work of the ancient Egyptians. Some believe that the library may be a work of another ancient but more advanced society. Some say that it may be the work of previous inhabitants of Atlantis. Some say that the Hall of Records was built by a superior race of intelligent beings collecting their knowledge and then sealing it in the said library. Despite all the stories surrounding the Hall of Records, real archeological excavations don’t seem to determine its location or of it ever existing at all.

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