The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records refer to the collection of mystical knowledge that is believed to exist on a non-physical plane of existence. It is a term usually used in theosophy and New Age beliefs and is commonly believed to contain all the knowledge of human experience as well as the history of the cosmos. The term comes from the Sanskrit word "akasha" which means "sky" or "space".

Description and Explanation

The Akashic Records are said to be the library of knowledge that records every thought, word and action of humans. The records are said to be stored in a substance called akasha or ether. The Akashic Records are known to have existed since the dawn of creation and have recorded all areas of human existence and experience. Every new thought, action and word is automatically added into the record as they happen.

Akashic Record History

The existence of the Akashic Records stems from ancient theosophical beliefs from a variety of ancient cultures. Ancient Indians sages tell of abilities of accessing the "book" where every soul or entity is being recorded. Some of the cultures that believe is the existence of the Akashic Records include the Moors, Tibetans, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Hebrews, Chinese, Mayans, Druids and even the Christians.

Accessing The Akashic Records

Different beliefs say of people being able to gain access to the Akashic Records through several means. Many believe that an individual may be able to read through the passages contained in the records by means of astral projection. Some believe that some people in certain states of consciousness may also be able to read events and other things as recorded on the akasha. Some believe that such different states of consciousness can be induced by sleep, weaknesses, drugs, illness and meditation. They also believe that access to the Akashic Records are not merely reserved for special people but may also be experienced by some people deemed ordinary.

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