The Shining Ones

The Shining Ones usually appear in various myths and folklore from different cultures all over the world. They usually come in different names and descriptions, but they have one thing in common- they are usually considered as gods and as forces of light. So much goes to the mystery of the Shining Ones but their existence in many of the ancient stories covering separate cultures is worthy of noting.

Basic Description

Despite the many various forms that the Shining Ones may take depending on the certain myth or culture, they usually are described as an ancient and powerful race that preceded most of the more powerful human civilizations of the ancient world. Even in myths, the Shining Ones are always considered as advanced and highly intelligent beings that look similar to humans. Some put them as being from four to seven feet in height. Their clothing is somewhat similar to what humans wear but usually look more advanced and different in terms of look and design.

Their Purpose

Through all the different interpretations and versions of stories about the Shining Ones, many have a common idea as to what their purposes are. The Shining Ones are thought to be behind al the evolutionary progress of humankind as well as of the planet. They are the ones who are looking over the progress that man has made for hundreds and thousands of years. They sometimes are thought to be ancient yet advanced scientists and researchers looking as Earth and the humans upon it as some kind of experiment. Some cultures even look into them as alien beings from other planets seeing out other living life forms to study and experiment on.

Evidence In Culture And Art

Many ancient cultures have recorded their ideas of the Shining Ones both in their ancient texts and art. The Egyptian "Book of The Dead" mention of the Shining Ones in some of its chapters. In the Jewish belief of the Kabbalah, there is mention of the Shining Ones as spheres who were creators by celestial harmonics. Ancient Sumerian texts mention of gods that conducted biogenic experiments that led to the creation of man. Ancient sculptures and work of arts also feature the Shining Ones in various forms.

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