A Feeling of Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation in the past. It is a feeling that a person gets when an event has already happened before or that it has repeated itself. The term is French that means "already seen". It was coined by a French psychic by the name of Emile Boirac in his book entitled The Future of Psychic Sciences.

Types of Deja Vu

There are many theories behind the experience called deja vu. One theory states that there are three major types of deja vu. There is the deja vecu, deja senti and the deja visite. Each one has their own characteristics that makes them unique to the other.

Deja Vecu

Deja vecu, according to Arthur Funkhouser, is the type of deja vu that most people experience. It is the feeling that whatever has been said or done at the moment has already been experienced or happened in the past. Deja vecu usually refers to an experience that involves more than just the sense of sight.

This experience usually involves a great deal of detail which a person senses that everything happening is just as how it happened before, and at times having the uncanny knowledge of what is going to happen or be said next. In some surveys done, it has been revealed that about 70 percent of the population has experienced such an event at one time or another.

Deja Senti

Deja senti is another type of deja vu that is limited only to a mental happening. Deja senti specifies something that is already felt. These feelings seem only to happen in one’s mind with the possibility that they can’t be recalled later on. Some studies have shown that deja senti may be experienced by a number of temporal-lobe epileptics.

Deja Visite

Deja visite is an experience that is less common among people. It involves an uncanny knowledge of a new place, hence the translation for the term, "already visited". A person experiencing deja visite may know his or her way around a new town or landscape and at the same time realizes that this could not have been possible. Some theorize that these experiences or feelings may be caused by dreams, reincarnation and also out-of-body travel as just some of the reasons to explain this phenomenon.

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