Equipment Used in Paranormal Investigations

Proton Packs. Ghost Traps. PKE and Giga Meters. Ecto Goggles. Ectomobiles. Slime Blowers. Do they ring a bell? They are the equipment used by Dr. Egon Spengler, Raymond "Ray" Stantz, and Peter Venkman in the Ghostbusters film. Read on to know what special instruments real-life paranormal experts and researchers use to investigate paranormal events.

EMF meters

Many paranormal researchers strongly believe that ghosts release an electromagnetic field (EMF), thus their presence can be detected by EMF meters. But formal studies are lacking to buttress this idea. What we have are a few anecdotal evidence of EMF meters "spiking" during paranormal events at haunted locations. Anecdotal reports also suggest that haunted places emit more variable EMF fields compared to non-haunted locations.

Motion sensors

One of the most important uses of paranormal instruments is movement control. For example, you might put a motion sensor in an empty room to make sure that no one undetected goes in there. Later, if you discover that something (a book or a chair) has moved and the alarm has not gone off, then you might conclude it is paranormal. Chances are, it is not.

Motion sensors cannot cover the entire room and they are faulty sometimes. They only narrow down the possibilities of paranormal events, but they do not necessarily mean that there is something paranormal in the room.

See-in-the-dark equipment

Some equipment, such as low light or infra-red video cameras, enable paranormal researchers to "see" in the dark. For some reason, many vigils are conducted in the dark, and night-sight equipment is obviously useful in those situations. See-in-the-dark instruments are also useful if a vigil is done outside in the dark of the night. Thermal imager is one of the latest paranormal equipment that allows paranormal experts to see things even in the dark.

Monitoring equipment

Monitoring is a big application for paranormal instruments on vigils. It would be a good idea to set up some video cameras in your room from various angles. Then you might see what actually moved the object and decide for yourself if the event is paranormal. Some general monitoring instruments, such as tape recorders and cameras, specifically designed to record experiences as they happen.

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