Haunted Emily's Bridge

Haunted BridgeMany haunted places come with a dark history. Ghosts seem to appear in places with a great number of stories to accompany them. And it is not so often that bridges become a site of ghost sightings. But such is the story behind Emily’s Bridge.

Emily’s Bridge Profile

Emily’s Bridge is also known as the Gold Brook Covered Bridge. It is one of the many covered bridges that can be found in the state of Vermont. It is specifically located in the town of Stowe in Lamoille County. It was built sometime in 1844. What makes it an interesting landmark in the area is about the stories of ghosts being sighted near or inside the covered bridge.

Ghost Sightings And Experiences

Many accounts of ghosts being seen in the said covered bridge have been around for over 150 years. Many accounts of cars and horse carriages being mysteriously clawed have spread through the years. Some cars have been known to be shaken while passing through the bridge, especially at night.

Some people going by the bridge reported seeing mysterious lights as well as hearing a woman’s voice. Some experience taking photographs and have improperly developed photos, with orbs seemingly appearing out of nowhere. What strikes the fear in most people is that this ghost seems to disturb people to a fright, enough to shake even cars passing through the covered bridge. And there seems to be a story behind the spirits that haunt Gold Brook Covered Bridge.

Stories Of Emily

There have been many stories behind who the ghost in the Gold Brook Covered Bridge is. Stories tell of someone by the name of Emily as the ghost haunting the site. The stories have become so popular that the covered bridge became known after the supposed ghost that haunts it. But many accounts of what happened to Emily on the bridge have spread over the years.

There is one account of an Emily as a young woman on her way to her own wedding. While passing through the covered bridge, she was thrown by her horse as she crossed the bridge, causing an accident that led to Emily’s demise due to her serious injuries. There are stories also of Emily as a woman who hung herself on the bridge when she found out that she has been jilted by her lover.

Still another story tells of an Emily who became pregnant by a man who did not want to marry her. The man killed himself when he was forced to marry the pregnant Emily. After giving birth to twins, Emily also hanged herself on the bridge, making the said tragic end as the reason behind the ghost haunting this covered bridge in Vermont.

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