Have You Seen a Ghost?

ghostYou woke up in the middle of the night and froze when you saw a transparent figure floating at the foot of your bed. You were sure you did see a ghost. Or did you? Many people claim to have seen a ghost when in fact they are just imagining things. Others have actually seen a ghost, only they do not realize they have seen one. Would you know if you have seen an actual ghost? How? Seeing a ghost is a surprisingly complex phenomenon and this article tries to clear things up.

How do ghosts look like?

Witnesses report that ghosts appear solid like normal people. Despite popular depictions on films and TV, ghosts do not appear transparent in most reports.

Signs that you have encountered a ghost

A woman wearing an 18th century clothing is unlikely a ghost. She may only be an actor or re-enactor who was wearing a fancy, old-fashioned dress. A transparent figure is probably a product of your hallucination, especially when you have just got up from a deep sleep. A transparent figure in a photo is also unlikely a ghost; it is possibly a long exposure. The same goes for the unexpected figure you saw on photo; figures and faces are usually seen in chance patterns.

You may have seen a ghost if you saw an entity in a haunted place. Unless the place is secure the entity could just be a regular person. You may also have encountered a ghost if you saw a figure doing something impossible, like floating in the air, walking on the water, vanishing, or walking into a wall. But it can also be just a misperception or hallucination.

Witnesses also claim that ghosts are indifferent to people who see them. They report that ghosts behave strangely. On its own, however, this would not automatically mean that the figure is a ghost. Probably, it is an actual person who is blind or deaf or simply inattentive.

Seeing a ghost but not realizing it

Ghosts may also often be missed, considering that some of them generally look normal. Unless you know the ghost cannot be present physically, then you might never suspect it as a ghost. You might see a ghost or two as you walk along the hallway, but you would never realize it. You may only suspect you have seen on right after the event. People often realize they have seen a ghost when they realize the impossibility of the situation.

So, have you seen a ghost? The best way to decide if you have encountered one is to examine all the factors that may have made the appearance or actions of the figure you saw impossible.

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