Mysterious Door Opening

My little brother swore that the door in his room opened by itself. He’s so afraid that he’s been sleeping in my room for three nights now. I was doubtful. I told him it may simply be because of some pressure or some wind. But he was so sure it opened by itself. Is there such thing as a haunted door?

Haunted doors

One phenomenon often reported in haunting cases is the case of a door opening by itself. In some cases, witnesses claim to found doors open when they’ve left them shut. In other cases, some people claim they hear the door opening. Some even see it moving. Some witnesses also see door knobs moving prior to the opening of the door.

A product of hallucination

What can you make of such reports? Skeptics provide some explanations. A mysterious door opening might be a product of hallucination, especially if the person is in bed and is about to sleep. It could, be hypnopompic or hypnagogic hallucinations. It could possibly be sleep paralysis. But is there a chance that the mysterious door opening phenomenon is completely objectively physical?

The Bernoulli Principle

The mysterious door opening can be explained by the Bernoulli Principle. This principle holds that the velocity of fluid is inversely proportional to pressure. In other words, an increase in the velocity of fluid means a reduction in pressure. But how does this principle apply to the phenomenon?

Air (wind) flowing across the top of your chimney induces a decrease in pressure in your room below. This is applicable even if there’s no fire in the grate. So on windy days, expect that there will be reduced air pressure in a room with a fireplace. This condition could open doors not properly closed.

If there’s fire in the grate, then there will be a bigger updraft. The fire produces hot gases, which float upwards. This is because they have lower density compares to the surrounding air.

Rattling door handles

Draughts can cause doors to rattle, giving the impression that someone/something is attempting to open the door. You can just imagine what story such an occurrence might make if the rattling was heard by a person lying in his or her bed in a pitch-black room in the dark of the night. Try rattling the door yourself and hear how it sounds.

Testing opening doors

Ask yourself some questions when you investigate mysterious door opening. Was the witness about to sleep or just woke up? Did the witness clearly see the door open? Or did he or she just hear it open? Can it appear shut when in fact it’s not securely closed? How much pressure is needed to open a door not securely closed? Was the weather cold and windy?

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