Niedzica Castle

Nieszica CastleThe Niedzica Castle is located in Niedzica in the southernmost part of Poland. Also sometimes known as Dunajec Castle, it was built sometime between 1320 and 1326. It was said to be built by Rodric from Tyrol on a site that used to be an ancient stronghold. The castle stands on top of a limestone and shale hill 300 meters from the mouth of the Dunajec River. From its beautiful location, it is considered as one of the most picturesque castles in Poland.

Ghosts Stories

With the ancient castle being so old, it is also an interesting place of many tales and legends. One tells of a story of a female ghost haunting the castle surroundings at night. There are also stories of mischievous ghosts said to be of counts and jesters of long ago who were said to torture and torment village folk. One of the more interesting stories about the castle stem from its past owner, Sebastian Berzeviczy.

Stories Of Ancient Treasure

It has been said that Niedzica Castle contains some hidden secrets inside it that may lead people to the ancient treasure of the Incas. The story is mostly taken from the life of Sebastian Berzeviczy, the castle’s owner during the 18th Century. Stories abound of Sebastian coming back to Poland from Peru in South America, bringing along his family with him- his daughter Umina, who is said to be Sebastian’s daughter from an Inca princess. The connection led to stories that the family even brought along with them the secret to the lost treasure of the Incas.

Ancient Inca Scrolls

Legends abound of the ancient scrolls of the Incas being handed down to Umina prior to their stay at the Niedzica Castle. The said scrolls are said to contain information as to where the said lost treasure of the Incas may be found. Sebastian and Umina were said to be killed under mysterious circumstances at different occasions, further adding fuel to the mystery that the secrets they left at the castle were clues to the ancient hidden treasure of the Incas. Although these so called clues remain undiscovered, it still adds part to the allure of Niedzica Castle.

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