Signs of a Haunting

ghostI was watching a Korean horror film in the dead of the night when, suddenly, our dog started barking wildly in the yard. Then, the door made a creaking sound – that weird sound typical in horror films I’ve been watching lately. An overpowering familiar smell filled my room. It gave me chill bumps as if some wrinkly cold fingers had brushed my nape.

It freaked me to my bones. I rushed downstairs and told my mom what had just happened. Her face was that of someone who forgot something. She made a sign of the cross and told me that it was her dead mother’s birthday.

What is haunting?

What happened to me was a typical haunting. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena defines haunting as "a series on unexplained experiences generally associated with a particular physical location."

Where does haunting occur?

It can occur anywhere. It can be in houses, churches, schools, hospitals, or hotels. But it can also happen outside the building like parking lots or streets. The energy that contributes or creates the haunting might be attached to a location connected with the entities of the past.

There is no blueprint for hauntings. You can witness one, two, or multiple signs. Some hauntings are harmless, but many cases are severe. Some paranormal entities are nondisruptive, but some are dangerous.

What are the signs of nondisruptive haunting?

Typical signs of harmless haunting include odd sounds (bangs, footsteps, scratching coming from the ceiling, whispering from the walls, music, screams, knocking), odd smells (sometimes unpleasant, often sweet), odd sights (shadows, flashes of light, floating lights, things seen by peripheral vision), and odd feelings (cold areas, static build-up). Your pets might start barking loudly when nothing is actually there. Another sign is missing objects that suddenly reappear.

What are the signs of harmful haunting?

The signs enumerated above are made by entities that mean you no harm. There are, however, dangerous paranormal entities. You are experiencing a harmful haunting when the entity always interrupts your sleep and visits you frequently at night around the same time. Some people wake up with mysterious bite marks or scratches.

Another sign is the feeling of fright or uneasiness in certain rooms. There may also be a dangerous haunting if someone in your family begins exhibiting unusual behavior. The children and teenagers are the ones most susceptible to drastic changes in behavior.

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