The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank HouseThe Anne Frank House is a museum located in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It is dedicated in memory of its one time resident and Jewish famous wartime personality, Anne Frank. Anne was the young girl known to have written probably the most significant account of the war in her diary.

Today, Anne Frank’s diary, which is titled "The Diary of a Young Girl", chronicles the experiences of Anne Frank and her family along with four other Jews as they hide from the Nazis when Netherlands was occupied by Germany during World War II.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany but lived most of her life in the Netherlands. Her diary accounts their experiences while hiding from Nazi soldiers in a secret room of their house.

Anne wrote a very detailed account of their two years of hiding from the oppressive Nazis that today becomes one of the most significant accounts of World War II. Anne and his family, along with other Jews were eventually discovered, arrested and sent to concentration camps. Anne Frank eventually died of typhus.

The House

The Anne Frank House has since become a museum where people might be able to know more about the life of Anne Frank and her experiences during the war. The rooms where Anne, her family and other Jews hid for two years was preserved and opened for its visitors to see. But it seems that mysterious happenings have been reported by visitors to the museum.

Accounts of a little girl looking out from one of the windows have been reported by some people. Some people believe this to be the ghost of Anne Frank, looking blankly out the window still trapped with fear in the house.

Some people who have visited the secret hiding place of the Frank’s report of feeling cold spots suddenly. Some people report paranormal activities emanating from the hidden room, not surprising considering the awful history behind the former occupants of the home during World War II.

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