The Hitchhiker of Route 44

Ghost sightings can come from any place. But most of the time, such sightings usually have a story behind them. But there are sometimes some ghost sightings in many places that seem quite mysterious enough and with usually no back story behind them. It seems that there are ghosts that appear and has remained unidentified even for the longest time, with the story behind them still remain unknown. Such is the case for the hitchhiker of Route 44.

The Place

The location in question for this ghost sighting is located at the portion of Route 44 in the town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. This town is comparatively small with around 10,000 inhabitants according to 2000 statistics. It is one of those towns that were founded a long, long time ago. One may believe that if such ghosts ever do appear in this town, it might be the ones rooted behind the history of the place. But it seems that its most famous phantom may be from the town’s more recent history.

The Red-Headed Hitchhiker

The town of Rehoboth has long been known for a famous apparition that usually haunts drivers passing by Route 44 along the town’s area. Many sightings tell of a red headed hitchhiker that usually appears somewhere along Route 44. For different drivers, it may be a different frightening experience.

Some say of a mysterious red headed man walking along the road side at night. Some drivers say of a man crossing the street and stopping in the middle, seemingly unaware of the car about to cross his path. A driver tries to get his attention only to find the mysterious red headed man disappear into thin air as the car approaches nearer. Other apparitions have the red headed man even appear suddenly inside the car with frightening results.

Common Description  

What makes this ghost apparition so interesting is that many of the witnesses seem to tell quite a common description of the mysterious hitchhiker. One of the main descriptions is that he has red hair and beard. Some describe him as around six feet tall, well-built and usually wearing jeans and a red flannel shirt.

Most of the encounters with the red headed hitchhiker of Route 44 seem to have a common pattern. Some suddenly find the man appearing before the car prior to being hit. Some might have seen him by the roadside and stop to pick him up. Sometimes the mysterious hitchhiker may even interact with some people and only to vanish into thin air. Some experience hearing a laugh, yell or taunt right after the apparition disappears.

The identity of the red headed hitchhiker remains a mystery. Many locals tell of someone who died along route 44 in the past that fits most of the descriptions. But they are not always sure as to the ghost’s actual identity. What is more surprising is that the ghost sightings have been reported for around three decades now, adding into the growing mystery behind the red headed hitchhiker of Route 44.

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