Types of Ghosts

ghostLook at your back and see if there is a ghost standing or floating behind you. No, I am not trying to scare you. I just want you to identify what type of ghost is at your back right now. For your information, there are many types of ghosts that roam the empty hallways, abandoned houses, hospitals, dark streets, and many other haunted places. Read on so that you will know next time what type of ghost is behind or beside you.

Ghosts with interactive personality

The ghost of a deceased human being is probably the most widely understood type of ghost. This type appears intelligent and self aware and can interact with you. Interactions may include making itself seen, heard, or smelled. Some ghosts with interactive personality can even touch the living.

This type is usually a manifestation of someone you know like a family member or friend (familial personalities). It may be a manifestation of a person you do not know personally, but you can identify as a known deceased person (historical personalities). It may also be the ghost of a person whose identity is unknown to you or research historians (anonymous personalities).

Ghosts with non-interactive personality

If you have been seeing an old wrinkly woman sitting on the side of your bed or a wide-eyed boy walking down the stairs over and over again, then you are actually seeing in action a ghost with non-interactive personality. Also known as imprints, these ghosts are called as such because they appear and act as if they are entirely oblivious to their surroundings.

Next time you encounter the ghost that repeatedly roams around your room, try to communicate with it and you will get a silent indifference. It is as though you are the one who is imperceptible and invisible rather than the ghost.

The poltergeist

The poltergeist is one of the most famous types of ghosts. They are the most interactive types of ghosts as they can move (sometimes violently) objects and make loud noises. They are generally harmless, but they can also do more dangerous acts like starting small fires or pushing people over. The ability of the poltergeist to frighten people could be very traumatic for the feint hearted.

The doppelganger

There are some anecdotal evidence of people witnessing manifestations of a living person who is at another physical location. This type of ghost is known as the doppelganger. It is a ghost that appears, looks, talks, and walks to a friend or family member at the moment when the person the ghost looks like is in danger or is about to die. Some people have even reported to have seen their very own doppelganger.

Inanimate ghosts

Some ghosts are inanimate in nature. Many people have claimed seeing ghost ships, ghost trains, ghost automobiles, and ghost houses. Other inanimate objects like coffins, rocking chairs, television, and mirrors can also be manifestations. This type of ghost is one of the more difficult types of appearance to account for.

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