Understanding Poltergeists

A poltergeist refers to ghosts and spirits that usually try to manifest or show itself by moving physical objects. It is a German term composed of two words- "poltern" which means to rumble or make noise and "Geist" for "spirit" or "ghost". The occurrence of poltergeists has been reported from different countries and is a phenomenon that seems to have similar characteristics anywhere they happen.

Early Occurrences

The history of poltergeists occurring has been known since ancient times. The earliest known report of such a phenomenon can be traced as far back as during the days of Ancient Rome. The most common reports tell of loud noises, lights, strange smells and even physical and sexual assault on humans and other unexplained disturbances.

Possible Theories

There are many theories brought forward concerning the occurrence of poltergeists. Some believe that it may be caused by some negative energy surrounding a person or environment. The energy tends to become strong enough so as to cause certain unexplained things to happen.

There are others who believe that a poltergeist may be caused by an unconscious form of telekinesis that some people may have. Some people report it as ghosts. But the theory states that it might be the actual telekinesis at work among some people affected by such occurrences.

There are also theories of poltergeists that are believed to be the actual cause of spirits or ghosts that are attracted to energy, usually negative in nature surrounding some people. Most notable of such people are usually teens undergoing serous emotional problems. This may have stemmed from the fact that most poltergeist activity reported seem to revolve around teenagers or young people usually suffering from certain negative emotional experiences.

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