USS Arizona Ghost

USS Arizona MemorialGhosts and hauntings seem to appear in places with a dark history in them. This is none more evident than ghosts seen on the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The stories surrounding the unfortunate demise of the USS Arizona seem to bring about experiences with ghosts that people believe may still be haunting the ship even today.

USS Arizona History

The USS Arizona was a US Navy battleship that was commissioned in 1916 during World War I. But the battleship was best known for being a part of the uneventful Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. During the said attack, the USS Arizona eventually sank with around 1,177 lives lost in it. The site of the sinking was later on made into a memorial heralding the involvement of the US into World War II and to serve as a reminder of the many lives lost during the said unfateful attack.

USS Arizona Haunts

Due to the dark and unfateful history of the USS Arizona, stories abound of ghosts still lingering around the said memorial. The battleship wreck was not salvaged and therefore remained underwater where the lives of the lost sailors still intact inside the ship. This brought about many stories concerning the ghosts of the dead sailors still haunting the ship.

Cursed Ship

Stories have cropped up that the ship itself was already cursed the day it was commissioned to serve the US Navy. The reason behind this is because the battleship was said to be christened using a bottle of water instead of the usual wine. Old sailors believe that this brought the curse to the ship once it was launched.

Ghost Officer

Other stories tell of a ghost officer still haunting the USS Arizona. It is said to be the wandering spirit of the ship’s officer of the deck right at the time when Pearl Harbor was bombed. As the story goes, the deck officer was not on his post for personal reasons just at the time when the Japanese bombed it. With no one to give the other crew any warning of the attack, the battleship sank and the crew perished along with the officer. It is said that the guilt-stricken officer still haunts the old ship during low tide and can sometimes be seen walking on deck and looking out on the water.

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