Paranormal Mysteries: Voodoo

Voodoo is a type of pagan belief that originated in Africa. It is characterized by a belief in several gods and spirits where intercession is usually made by means of animal blood sacrifice. Voodoo is even considered as an accepted religion in some parts of Africa, most notably in the West African country of Benin.

Mysterious Belief

Followers of voodoo usually does not follow a centralized form of belief. There are various theories and systems that its different followers try to abide by. This lack of a centralized and common set of beliefs have made voodoo quite hard to define.

But for what most people believe it to be, voodoo is considered similar to witchcraft in its use of magic and other mysterious practices mainly aimed to confound and keep people in a state of wonderment. In many poor countries in West Africa, it is even used to strike fear among the people and used as a means to control and extort from the population.

Animal Sacrifice

A central point in the practice of voodoo is the sacrifice of animals. Although there are different forms of voodoo practice, almost all of them involve animal sacrifices which may differ only on the rites and beliefs being practiced. Different forms of voodoo are those being practiced in Haiti, in Louisiana in the US and in the different African countries.

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