The Black Stone of Mecca

Black Stone of MeccaThe Black Stone of Mecca, also known as "Hijre Aswad" in Arabic, is an object of reverence for Muslims according to Islamic tradition. It is said to have dated back since the time of Adam and Eve. The stone is considered to be a tektite or remnants of a meteorite. The Black Stone is the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, the sacred stone building located in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the building that Muslims face towards when they pray.

Stone Features

The Black Stone of Mecca is roughly 12 inches in diameter five feet above the ground. In its current state, it is surrounded by a silver frame as well as the black cloth called kiswah that is draped around the Kaaba. The stone has been said to be broken into a number of pieces due to the damage it inflected during the Middle Ages. It is being held together by the silver frame that is fastened into the stone by silver nails.

Black Stone Origins

There are various stories about what the Black Stone of Mecca is and its origins. A popular account tells of the Black Stone being found by Ibrahim (Abraham) and his son Ismail (Ishmael) when they were looking for stones to build the Kaaba with. The stone made it into one of the building’s cornerstones.

But aside from the stories, there is no provable indication as to where the stone actually originated from. It even predates the time of Mohammed and the writing of the Koran. It was even said that Mohammed kissed the stone, making the reverence of the object coming in pre-Islamic times and from a time more likely associated to that of Ibrahim.

Object Of Reverence

The Black Stone of Mecca is revered quite highly by the followers of Islam and may be based in two different associations. First, it is one of the cornerstones from which the Kaaba is built upon by Ibrahim. Second, Muslims show reverence to the stone much like the same way that the prophet Mohammed showed the same upon it. During the yearly Hajj pilgrimage, Muslims attempt to kiss or touch the Black Stone seven times, once each time they go around the Kaaba. This is to emulate the same reverence that Mohammed gave to the Black Stone of Mecca.

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