Understanding Mythology

Mythology is basically a study of myths or a collection of it. Myths are mostly considered as false stories base don the imagination or fantasy. But as far as people who study myths are concerned, mythology is far more than just studying a collection of false imaginary stories.

Myths and mythology do not necessarily mean that they are based in falsity. In fact those who study it, define sit conventionally as an ancient sacred narrative that attempts to explain how the world and the humankind came to be and how it has become its current form.

Myth Origins

There are many explanations behind the origins of myths. With many cultures usually having their own myths and legends developed, many experts have tried to study and determine how they came to be. Here are some of the possible explanations.

Myths As Historical Events

Many experts believe that myths and legends actually started out as true past historical events. One theory claims that myths came about as a distorted version of a popular event in history. Storytellers have repeatedly told such stories time and again until such a time that the true characters themselves evolved the status of being gods. This theory about the origins of mythology is called Euhemerism. It was named after an ancient novelist by the name of Euhemerus who suggested that the Greek gods developed and started from legends about human beings.

Myths As Allegory

An allegory is a figurative method of representation that expresses a meaning other than the literal sense. This theory believes that myths start out as allegories for natural phenomena. Characters start to represent naturally occurring phenomena such as fire, water, earth and so on.

Myths As Personification 

There are theories also that say myths start out as a process of personification. Ancient cultures discover and then worship natural phenomena. Soon they begin to make stories about them and create personifications about them as gods. Natural events are then described as acts of the gods, which then give rise to myths.

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