Zarah and Zorel


Legend tells the story of Zarah and Zorel, creational entities who existed in The Continuum, surrounded by the 12 pyramids of light.

The story goes that the two, along with their assistant, Amun, experimented with different frequency dimensions simultaneously to find out which one will result in souls losing their ability to remember their spiritual identity. 

In their previous experiment, the couple experienced some difficulty in the third dimension. Their souls got caught up in the games of the third dimension, and had their assistant, Amun, help them get out.

As a precaution, the created coded signals on each dimension so that they will wake up and be able to return home after their experience.

They decided to return to return at the beginning of the 21st century, choosing 21 because it is the reverse of 12; and because 2+1 equals 3, which represents the 3 souls, Zorel, Zarah and Amun.

And so they went ahead with their experiment, with Amun again monitoring the programs from the Continuum.

Sometimes Amun would take part in the program if needed. But often, he would remain in the Continuum to ensure the return of Zarah and Zorel after the ‘cycles of time’ merged.

In all other dimensions they’ve descended to, time was not a factor. But in the third, Zarah though that they needed something to measure their experiences so that they will know when they have to return.

Zorel came up with the idea to use the term ‘Time’ meaning "Linear Time.’ But Zarah and Amun did not like the idea. They have tried that before in their other programs and found that it makes their experiences seem to go on forever. Using time also had Zarah and Zoren creating parallel realities, and slipping in and out of time lines. Time also kept them from grasping their true essence.

Unfortunately they lack an alternative solution, and decided to use Time once again. As another precaution to prevent them from getting stuck in the third dimension, they set up a "wake-up" code. Zarah volunteered to sound the wake-up alarm for her to connect with their soul aspects to ensure they know when it’s time to stop the experiment.

To mark their ‘Linear Time,’ they created a light source, planets, sun, stars, and other celestial bodies using electromagnetic energy.

They created everything in such a way that there is a specific tone and number. They used the number 12 as the key pattern. They also created things that will record everything that transpires: stone, paper, calendars, astrology, zodiac, a writing system. They also created clocks to mark time, also using the number 12 as the key pattern, and planning different additions to it, such as an alarm.

They also decided to ‘experience’ different dimensions through physical forms that have biological clocks that they linked to their time pieces. Thus, they have wakefulness and sleep. In their sleep state, their soul aspects will need to return to the Continuum, or experience higher realms.

They assigned one of the 12 pyramids as not only the creator of the program, but also the keeper of time, and named it "The Great Pyramid."

They invented numbers or digits – as a failsafe, something that they’ll be able to see, lest the alarm they set up in the Great Pyramid does not reach the physical aspect. They came with the idea of writing numbers in a line, and how to tell time.

They thought of becoming a "digitized age" by the end of their stay, and create smaller versions of the Great Pyramid, or a computer.

As a last resort, should all the alarms they set up fail, Amun would open the doors of the Continuum.

Zarah and Zorel lived in the higher level of Earth’s frequency. They taught the millions of their soul aspects about everything they need to know: about their connection to the Continuum and to each other. Millennia passed, and the Zarah and Zorel continued to teach other souls.

Overtime, frequencies were lowered which gave way to verbal languages and the development of the spoken word. The frequency changes however, caused the spiritual connection to be lost among souls. Though Zara and Zorel tried to remind the souls about their connection to the Continuum and to each other, the souls continued to view themselves as separate entities.

As Amun, the trusty assistant, lost his connection to Zarah and Zorel, he opened the doors of the Continuum, and created a great, big light in the sky. The soul aspects of Zara and Zorel saw the light and remembered who they were. They went towards the light and merged with their other soul aspects.

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