Zebron and Alexandra

Zebron is an entity who understood all things, but was lonely. Story goes that he created twin pyramids and placed them together at their apexes. He created this so that his thoughts could create realities that he could experience. He watched as his thoughts happen before his eyes. He however, remained lonely.

He decided to make a female entity just like himself – including powers to understand the universe and create realities with him.

When he was done, he named her Alexandra, since she was created from the union of 2.

Alexandra was everything he wanted, a female aspect of himself. But she was an explorer and loved to discover more. She was enthralled by the pyramids. She moved within them, making them spiral. Suddenly, Alexandra found herself whirling in the realities they created, unable to return.

Zebron was heartbroken when he realized his beloved was gone. He decided against entering the pyramids for fear that both of them might get trapped. He knew he had to find a way to bring her back.

He spun his energies around, going faster and faster until a portal of light was created, though which they could reunite.

A blue and white whirlpool of energy surfaced. Everything around him turned to blue. The white light which emanated from his swirling energies, guided her return to him. The whirlpool spun faster and faster. As Zebron stared at it, everything became still.

He looked at his Alexandra; and they were reunited for all eternity.

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