Elementals and Nature Spirits

NymphsElementals or nature spirits are mythical beings that are connected to the elements found in nature. Although different stories may vary from source to source according to how the elementals actually are, they are usually similarly described as being part or a type of the elements. Different stories and folklore may vary in talking about such beings.

Elemental Origins

The very basic concept behind the elementals or the nature spirits may stem from the belief that the elements are the basic building blocks of nature. These four elements are known as air, earth, fire and water. Ancient alchemists such as Paracelsus have intended to draw mythology into this belief by identifying certain mythical beings as representatives of each of the four elements.

Air Elemental

Air elementals are known as sylph or sylphids. They are mythological creatures that are known to be invisible beings in the air. The term originated from the works of Paracelsus and there seems to be the little known as well as the least talked about nature spirits since there seems to be little or even no folk stories made about them.

Earth Elemental

The earth elementals are more commonly known as gnomes. They are described as mythical creatures with a relatively small size. They usually live under the earth are known to be generally good creatures. They are known to become violent only when their environment is disturbed of harmed.

Fire Elementals

Nature spirits known as the fire elementals are also commonly called as salamanders. Although salamanders are natural creatures, ancient alchemists consider them as a part of the elementals. It is believed that without the fire elementals, fire cannot exist. Fire cannot be made without a salamander present. The fire elementals are also considered as the strongest and the most powerful of all the four elementals.

Water Elementals

Nymphs are considered as water elementals. They are mythical creatures that usually live near bodies of water such as rivers, streams and lakes. There are also nymphs that can live in trees, mountains and in the valleys. They are usually pictured as creatures of the female form, graceful and beautiful.

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