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halloween monstersDEMONS

Demons are supernatural beings generally described as malevolent spirits. They are frequently depicted as a force that may be conjured and insecurely controlled.

Throughout civilizations, demons have been known to bring forth natural calamities such as fires, plagues, droughts, and on tragedies such as infant crib death and diseases. 

Demons take form in different shapes. In Ancient Babylonia, the demon of disease has four wings, clawed feet like those of a hawk, and a snarling lion’s face. Modern interpretations of demons are described as having red skin, with bull horns adorning their heads, and a cow’s tail with an arrowhead at the end.

Demons have been called the gods of witches, although this is untrue or unfounded.


A ghost is considered to be the spirit of a dead person.  Even though scientists say there aren’t any real ghosts, many people believe they are real.

There are many stories about ghosts in books as well as in the movies. Sometimes the ghost is the spirit of a person who was killed by enemies or who died in a tragic manner. The ghost may stay on Earth because it has a grudge when it was living and wants to release this pent-up anger either to scare people or to harm its enemies.

Sometimes, the ghosts in stories exist because of some problem it had when it was living that remained unsolved before it died. The ghost stays on Earth trying to fix the problem. Once the problem is solved, the ghost can leave the Earth.

People believe in ghosts because they have either seen them or felt them. Often the ghost appears as a feeling of cold, or a ball of light, or a misty cloud. Sometimes, people say that they have seen ghosts that look more like people, either in their funeral clothes or how they appeared at the time of their death, including any blood or injuries, or even their heads cut off.


A witch is a person who practices witchcraft, using certain kinds of supernatural and magical powers. 

Witches believe that nature, or even the gods, can be controlled by the human spirit. They achieve this by influencing another person’s body or property, spellcasting, conjuring the dead among other things. Some witches create spells for a better life, while others do so to cause harm to others. Nevertheless, witches believe that the spells they create will come back to them ten fold.

Witches have been wrongly accused of worshipping the Devil, although they do worship a universal spirit (or group of spirits) whom they can invoke for their spells.

Witches can be considered good or evil depending on the culture they belong to. The Japanese never have negative connotations about witchcraft, while in India witch hunts and lynchings for witchcraft is often reported in the press.


Goblins are mischievous and grotesque faeries of about dwarf height. They have a bestial appearance. Their brow is fully covered with thick hair; their mouth is filled with yellowish, crooked teeth; their skin is green in color and some have traits of old men. They can disguise themselves as animals and sometime invisible to the human eye. 

Goblins are known to have done a lot of evil to mankind. Their pranks can start from hiding small objects, tipping over pails of milk, and altering signposts. They can weave nightmares out of light fabrics and insert them into the ear of a sleeping human. They steal human women and children, hiding them away underground.

It is said that they mimic human actions in their mocking ways and have been known to have the ability to create fires. They have been at war with fairies and witches will tolerate living with them

Goblins are often depicted possessing a coarse, raspy sounding and slightly high-pitched voice.


Vampires are mythological or folkloric creatures, typically held to be the re-animated corpses of human beings and said to subsist on human and or human blood. In a folkloric point of view, the term is usually referred to the blood-sucking undead.

Vampirism is the practice of drinking blood from a person or animal. Vampires are said to mainly bite the victim’s neck, extracting the blood from the carotid artery. Other cultures view vampires as someone who can gained supernatural powers by drinking human blood.

The vampire has a “healthy” appearance if it has ruddy skin, often plump, with hair and nails grown long, and not in he least decomposed. They are sometimes considered to be shape-shifters not limited to the common bat stereotype. A vampire can turn itself into a multitude of animals from wolves to spiders.

Vampires are said to cast no shadow and have no reflection. This may be tied to the folklore regarding the vampire’s lack of soul.


A werewolf is a person who shape-shifts into a wolf, either purposely, by using magic, or after being placed under a curse. The name is most likely derived from Old English “wer” (male) and “wulf” (beast).

The metamorphic change from man to wolf is called “lycanthropy.” Different cases are described internationally, but they always follow a same course. An apparently normal human, usually quite inoffensive in everyday life, changes at sunset into some kind of wild animal. During the night, the werewolf indulges a taste for human flesh or for the raw flesh and blood of other animals. They are dangerous in their animal form and may even eat their own human children or other relative.

Werewolves have been in constant battle with vampires.


A Zombie is an undead person. These are humans who have had their souls stolen by supernatural means and shamanic medicine, and are forced to work for their “zombie master” as uncomplaining slaves. 

There are some zombies who became undead after a vicious physical attack. They return from the grave and can be seen walking in hordes seeking for human flesh.

In 1937, while researching folklore in Haiti, an American folklorist encountered the case of a woman who had died and buried in 1907 at the age of 29. Villagers believed they saw that same woman wandering the streets in a daze thirty years after her death.

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