Shadow People

Shadow PeopleShadow people are mysterious supernatural shadow like creatures popular in both ancient and modern folklore. They are said to just be caught by humans within their peripheral vision. In some cases, they may also be quite the opposite as they can sometimes come as a form of light.

What They Are

Shadow people or shadow beings are usually considered different from ghosts since they are not always seen as having distinct human features or figures. Shadow people are known not to attempt to communicate with people at all. There are said to be supernatural in origin, much like ghosts but are on a whole different level.

Different Explanations

There are many accounts of people having caught a glimpse of a shadowy creature from the edge of their peripheral vision. Some may see it just by a nanosecond while some may have more awareness of them and see them for a longer period. There have been many explanations offered to why they are there. Here are some of them.

Scientific Explanation

From the point of view of science, a possible explanation may be due to certain natural phenomena instead of the more out worldly kind. Scientists attribute such instances from being an optical illusion to hallucinations. A possible explanation to seeing shadow people may be borne out of certain physiological or psychological conditions that witnesses may be in.

Paranormal Explanation

From the paranormal view, shadow people are considered as creatures that may have originated from an alternate plane of existence similar to reality but may be the opposite. Certain instances may make these two different planes of existence overlap with each other, making some of the things partially visible for a moment. There are also some that say of shadow people as originating from creatures brought about by the negative psychic energy.

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