The Deer Woman

Forest DeerThe Deer Woman is a mythological creature that has its origins coming from the Native American tribes in the US, particularly in Iowa, Oklahoma and most of the Pacific Northwest. She is known to appear in different incarnations to different people. Some see her as an old woman, a young maiden or a deer.

Many stories surrounding the Deer Lady, as she is also sometimes called, tell of a beautiful maiden roaming the forests of Western and Pacific Northwest of the United States. More particularly, stories of men having seen a beautiful maiden beckoning them from the side of the road seem to be the more common version.

Beauty Trap

In such stories, wandering men who find themselves passing by a nearby forest may suddenly get a glimpse of a beautiful woman on the side of a road, but just beyond the forest edge. Enamored by her beauty, many men try to approach her, successfully being lured to come closer by the Deer Woman. But upon closer inspection, the men realize that the beautiful woman may have brown deer’s eyes as well as hooves for feet. Realizing that she is not an ordinary woman, men try to get away. But it is usually too later as the Deer Lady begins to stomp its victims to death.

Bad Omen

Other tribes consider the appearance of the Deer Woman as a bad omen. Seeing her is said to be a warning of a foreboding danger about to come. Sometimes, the Deer Woman is said to appear among tribes during their dancing rituals. Being a fond dancer, there are many times that the Deer Woman may suddenly appear dancing in the midst of a gathering, seemingly joining in to dance. But she also just as suddenly disappears once the music stops.

Some say that the Deer Woman can only be banished away by chants and tobacco. Some tribes say that she will simply go away once you look at her hooves. Creatures similar to the Deer Woman also appear in Mexican folklore as well as some parts of the Southwestern United States and parts of South America. Such creatures seem to have similar appearances- beautiful maidens usually with hooves or deformed feet. Such examples are the La Llorona from Mexico, La Patasola from Colombia and the Tunda from Brazil.

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