The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster was an unidentified dead creature that washed ashore on a beach near Montauk, New York on July of 2008. Due to the strikingly unique features of the said carcass that is unlike any other common creature seen, many stories began to spread about what the creature is and where it came from. The Montauk Monster has been the subject of countless controversies and speculations that has been widely covered by the media as well as several online discussions.

Montauk Monster Story

The Montauk Monster first came to public attention from a July 23, 2008 article on The Independent, a local newspaper. The article reports on how Jenna Hewitt and her three friends found a mysterious dead creature that was said to have washed ashore on July 12 of the same year at the Ditch Plains Beach, a popular beach in Montauk, New York.

The light hearted article guessed that the dead creature found on the beach may be that of a turtle or a product of a mutant experiment. The story was made even interesting because it came with a photograph of the said creature. The said article was concluded saying that some other person carted the dead creature away in order to be buried.

But since the article, a lot of people took quite an interest on the story. Soon the story found its way into the local cable channel where it took off. Soon the story was taken up by several online websites where this unique monster story gained wider attention.

Montauk Monster Description

Due to the fact that the unidentified creature suddenly was carted away by an unknown individual further fueled the mystery behind the story. The disappearance of the dead monster’s carcass before any of the experts can get their hands on it for further study it only made it more difficult to properly identify the said creature. Even the experts can only base their identification of the said creature by means of the available photographs being widely circulated on online.

From the photograph of the monster, the creature appeared to be hairless, with a body similar to a dog or a rodent but seems to have a beak in place of a jaw. The fact that the body has become bloated after several days in the water has even made the identification of the creature more difficult.

Possible Explanations

Many people who became interested with the Montauk Monster have offered several suggestions as to what it is. Some say that it is merely a badly decomposed body of a dead dog or a large rodent. Some say that it appears to look like a sea turtle with its shell missing. Some say it may be a raccoon. All these suggestions stem from reviewing what the unidentified creature looked like on the widely circulated photos and not from the actual physical examination of the dead carcass. The only thing that people can do to identify the Montauk Monster is offer their best guess.

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