The Mysterious Adaro

The Adaro is a name given by people in the Solomon Islands to a group of sea spirits that are similar to mermaids. These creatures come from stories out of ancient mythology in the Solomon Islands that tell of mean sea creatures that look like mythological mermen.

Common Description

The Adaro is commonly described in myth as a man having gills behind his ears and tail fins for its feet. It also has horns shaped like a shark’s dorsal fin and with a swordfish like spear growing out on top of its head. These malevolent creatures are known to have risen out of the wicked part of human spirit. They are also known to do harm to humans.

Adaro Origins

Although myths say that the Adaro came from the wicked part of a person’s spirit, they are known to live in the sun. They come down to Earth from the sun by sliding down rainbows. The Adaro is also known to travel around in waterspouts in the oceans. These creatures are considered dangerous to humans. They are known to kill by shooting humans with poisonous flying fish that they use as darts or spears.

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