The Mysterious Chupacabra

chupacabraThe Chupacabra is a mysterious creature that is believed to exist and secretly inhabit in the different areas of the Americas. It has recently garnered attention for new sightings in different parts of the continent including Mexico, the United States as well as Puerto Rico, where the recent sightings were first reported.

It is considered as an enigmatic and even mythical creature in that its existence has been suggested but is yet to be proven or even credibly sighted and identified through scientific means.


The term "chupacabra" comes from a Spanish word that means "goat sucker". The name stuck to this mysterious animal for its habit to suck out the blood of its prey consisting mainly of livestock such as goats.

Various instances of farmers from different parts of North and South America reporting losing livestock from an animal that suck their blood seem to have given birth to the chupacabra legend. Earliest accounts of such a creature date back to reports as early as the 1950’s.


How the creature looks like depends on the supposedly different sightings of it from different parts of the continent. The most common description of the animal follows an animal with reptilian features. They are said to have leathery or scaly, greenish to gray skin with sharp spines running down its back.

The animal is said to stand about three to four feet high and hops just like a kangaroo. The animal is also said to have a forked tongue and large fangs which it uses to suck the blood of its prey.

Another common description of the chupacabra is associated with a strange breed of wild dog. Its features include a hairless body with a pronounced spinal ridge and eye sockets along with large fangs and claws. What makes the chupacabra distinct from other predators is that it is said to drain the blood from its prey through a single or a couple of holes.

Recent Sightings

The rebirth of the legend of the chupacabra grew out of reported sightings made recently in different countries. The first attacks were first to have been reported in Puerto Rico sometime in 1995 where eight sheep were discovered dead and completely drained of their blood. The dead sheep were seen to have three puncture wounds in their chest area, suggesting a vampire-like creature identified with the chupacabra.

Recent sightings also included a July, 2004 report coming from a rancher in San Antonio, Texas who killed a hairless dog-like creature that was attacking his livestock. The mysterious creature was later on determined to be a cayote through analysis of its DNA. Two other reported chupacabra creatures were found in the same area on October, 2004. the carcasses were also found to be that of cayotes.

The most recent sighting is said to be made by a DeWitt County deputy in August, 2008. the policeman was able to film an unidentifiable dog-like animal running along the back roads near Cuero, Texas using his dashboard camera. The said creature was also suggested to be a species of the cayote.

Image Source: Wikipedia


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