The Mystery of Bigfoot

bigfootBigfoot is a highly mysterious yet very popular ape-like creature. The legend that goes with it never seems to die out despite lack of physical evidences all these years proving its existence.

Reported sightings coming from different sources seem to bring life to this mysterious creature known to inhabit the deep forests in the Pacific Northwest region occupied by the United States and Canada.


The bigfoot, also known as the sasquatch in some parts of Canada, it is generally described to be a large and hairy bipedal ape. It is said to stand between 6 to 15 feet in height when upright and weighs about 500 pounds.

Some people reporting to have seen it, describe it as having dark brown to dark reddish hair. Its facial features are also described as having large eyes, a pronounced brow ridge and large low-set forehead.

For those who said to have a close encounter with a bigfoot, common reports include it having a strong and very unpleasant smell. Alleged foot prints that is said to belong to bigfoot measure as large as 24 inches long to 18 inches wide. Such footprints may have been mistaken and might more likely belong to bears.

The elusiveness of bigfoot have also been associated for its nocturnal habits, usually only going around forests during the night. Bigfoot is also believed by some people to be omnivorous.


Origins of the legend of bigfoot stems from early stories coming from the indigenous inhabitants in the Pacific Northwest. Although the details may differ from region to region, there are also similar sightings and stories found on almost every continent. The legend of Bigfoot came to fame sometime during the 1950’s.

In 1951, a person by the name of Eric Shipton was able to photograph a unique footprint said to be that of a bigfoot. The said photograph later on found its way into newspapers and eventually gained wide attention that made the mysterious ape-like creature more popularity.

It further gained popularity in 1958 when large foot prints were discovered in Humbolt County in California. The popularity even gained more wide attention after the bigfoot became a subject of various movies and shows.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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