Understanding Angels

There are a lot of people who believe in angels. People may have different ideas of what they are. But there is a general agreement that most angels are good and actually act as guides to people on earth.

General Concept

In the general idea being followed by most people and cultures, they seem to put angels as the messengers of a Supreme Being. After all, the term was taken from the Greek word "Angelos", which means "Messenger". It can be said that they act as the servants of gods and do tasks as ordered by a higher being. There are others that believe angels to be former human beings, the reason why they have a human appearance. But there is also a general belief that they are not human at all.

Angel Existence

Angels already exists before creation, as so some believe. They have been servants of a higher being long before man was created. Therefore, there are considered to have no physical lives and whose sole purpose was to fulfill the will of the Supreme Being whom they follow. They may appear as either man or woman, but they are generally considered as asexual.

Angels And Man

It is also said that angels became the link between Man and the Supreme Being. After the creation of Man they become the messengers send word from the Higher Power and convey it to humans. Angels are also known to be protectors and guides to humans. They try to help steer the spiritual lives of man towards the right path.

Angels and Religion

Angels have been a part of almost all of the major religions in the world. This signifies that the belief in them has been generally accepted through different cultures and nations since ancient times. From Greek mythology to Christianity, angels have become an important part of certain ideologies that makes them interesting enough to become a part of every day life.

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