Adolf Hitler and Catholicism

There seems to be a great mystery surrounding the religious beliefs of Adolf Hitler or the lack of it. It has become quite an interesting matter of dispute whether he really does have any religious beliefs since the relationship of religion and the Nazi party became quite complex and fuzzy through the years. But there were stories that Hitler had a penchant for being a Roman Catholic. It is on of those stories that has brought up for debate many times over up until now.

Different Theories

There have been a lot of theories thrown around why Hitler may have been a Catholic. But all these theories may still require further investigation since they prove to be insufficient for lack of evidence. But what ever evidences may be seen are considered circumstantial at best.

Jews Vs. Catholics

Many who say that Hitler may be Catholic may stem from how different he treated people from different religions during his reign of terror. Considered as the world’s worst mass murderer, Hitler was known to order the killing of over six million Jews along with Poles and gypsies. But despite all these, Hitler seems to leave Catholic priests and believers alone for the most part of the war. Because of this, some exerts believe that Hitler may have been a devout Catholic at around this time.

Respect For The Pope

Hitler was also seen to have some deep respect for the Catholic faith and its practitioners. Unlike most of the members of the Nazi Party, Hitler seems uninterested in the occult and considered them as ridiculous. Another striking evidence that some experts put on Hitler’s religious beliefs came from how he treated the Pope.

When Hitler and Fascist Italy became allies, the world has thought of many things that would have happened to the Roman Catholic Pope Pius XII who lived in Rome. But despite the general view of Hitler as an anti-religious dictator, the Pope was not harmed. In fact, Hitler was said to even admired the Pope and spoke to him a few times.

And when the Allies, the enemies of Hitler and the Fascists, were hoping that the Pope would ex-communicate Hitler as a ruthless man that he was during the war, nothing of the sort took place. The Pope was even seen to agree with some of Hitler’s policies during the war. But these views may still need to be validated and investigated for lack of sufficient evidence. But such stories do come out now and then.

Whatever theories abound about Hitler and the Catholic Church during the war, they would remain as so since proving them would remain a very difficult task for lack of evidence that may support such issues as actual facts.

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