After Death Communication

After death communication, or ADC, can be considered as an experience where a person receives or appears to receive messages coming from someone who has just died. This type of event usually happens to people with a close friend or relative who has just died. Although such occurrences are pretty difficult to prove scientifically, a lot of people have reported several accounts of experiencing after death communication which may warrant further investigation.

ADC Experiences

Many may have heard of stories of dead people still trying to contact their loved ones left on earth. Such stories have been around since ancient times. People still believe that spirits from the "other side" can still contact and communicate with people they have been close to in a variety of ways. Here are some ways of how they might be able to do this.

Sense Of Presence

One of the more common forms of ADC that many people report involve feeling a sense that a recently deceased friend or loved one is present among the living. Some people experience a distinct feeling that a recently deceased may be just around. Some people may attribute it to simple imagination. But others say that it is the other way around, that the sense of feeling such a presence may be real. Some may even sense such a presence months and years later.

Hearing Voices

There are some instances where people may even hear a voice that they recognize as from a recently deceased friend or loved one. Many believe that this type of contact usually happens in the mind or that there is some sort of communication by telepathy going on.

Smelling A Fragrance

It is also a common experience among some people to suddenly recognize a familiar fragrance that has once been connected to the deceased. It may be a favorite cologne or perfume, a flower scent or even a smell of tobacco. Many people experience the sudden smell even though there are no clear evidence that someone nearby may be using or having such scents.

Dream Visions

Another common type of after death communication comes in the form of dreams. There are many accounts of people having dreams of the recently deceased, as if trying to make contact with them. Some experiences tell of a dead relative or friend trying to get something across and trying to communicate something important in the dream.

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