Motley Crue Near Fatal Experiences

Nikki SixxMotley Crue was considered one of the most successful rock bands that came out during the 1980’s. During their heydays, they lived true to the common "sex, drugs and rock n’ roll" creed. Their musical career was filled with everything those words meant.

During their successful run on the spotlight, Motley Crue was composed of bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee, vocalist Vince Neil and guitarist Mick Mars. Their career as a band was initially filled with stories of drug addiction, alcohol abuse as well as scrapes with the law. Known for their highly rebellious attitude and their outrageous costumes, the band successfully made it into their lifestyle.

But along with their tumultuous life as a band filled with drug, sex and alcohol, problems began to surface. Singer Vince Neil was driving drunk and featured on a head on car collision that resulted on the death of Hanoi Rocks drummer, Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley, his passenger. Neil was charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter and spent some time in jail as a result.

December 21, 1987 became a serious event for the band’s bassist and co-founder, Nikki Sixx. While on tour for their album, Nikki went into a drug and drinking binge that led to him suffering from a near-fatal drug overdose. He overdosed on heroin and was even declared dead for two minutes. Thanks to a paramedic, a Motley Crue fan, Nikki Sixx was revived back surprisingly after being given two adrenaline shots.

Despite the experience, Sixx and the band continued on their hard partying ways. But it was only years later that they tried to clean up their act when their band managers intervened to put them all on rehab. The band is currently still active on the rock n’ roll music scene, but this time leading cleaner and more normal lifestyles.

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