Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The Bermuda Triangle is a region located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Also called the Devil’s Triangle, its area covers the waters bordered inside the Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico and the tip of Florida in the US. This vacant area forms a triangle from where a considerable number of vessels, both flying and floating, mysteriously disappeared throughout the years.

Puzzling Mystery

What makes the Bermuda Triangle quite an interesting subject for discussion is due to the puzzling mysteries that surround it. Many planes and sea going vessels plying through the area have been known to mysteriously disappear without any trace.  Many accounts of such vessels have been reported and claimed to disappear while going through the Bermuda Triangle. The mystery further heightens even further since no valid explanation has been offered to why the disappearances are happening.

Bermuda Triangle History

Accounts of the puzzling mysteries happening in the Bermuda Triangle have been reported for many years. Probably the first famous person ever to give an account of the Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus. According to Bermuda Triangle experts, Columbus documented accounts of strange happenings such as mysterious dancing lights and flames coming out of the sky. There are also accounts of experiencing bizarre compass readings in the area.

The very first published account of the Bermuda Triangle came from an article that came out in the newspapers through the Associated Press which was written by E.V.W. Jones on September 16, 1950. Another article two years later was published in Fate magazine that told of the loss of several planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

The article which was written by George X. Sand also was the first to detail the triangular area that is now familiar with most people. Other articles and books that followed the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle and offering possible explanations were eventually published, giving more publicity to the legend.

Possible Explanations

Accounts of the various ships and planes lost within the Bermuda Triangle were attributed to various things. Probably the more natural explanation for such losses was due to certain magnetic anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle. This caused magnetic compasses used in ships to report unusual actions. Other possible explanations may be attributed to deliberate acts of destruction by the crew themselves or to natural weather phenomena.

Some of the more outrageous explanations for the disappearances happening in the Bermuda Triangle were said to be due to supernatural means. From UFO’s to left over technology from the mythical continent of Atlantis, these supernatural assumptions seem only to heighten the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.

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