Electronic Voice Phenomena

We have long believed that we can communicate with the dead. Psychics, mediums, séances, and oracles have attempted to do so over the centuries. Today, with the advances in electronic communications, there might be a more effective and easier way to contact the dead. Many paranormal exerts today rely on the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).

What is EVP?

EVP is a section of noise on electronic recording such as radio that reveal sounds that resemble speaking words. These noises are sometimes interpreted as the voices of spirits or ghosts. Paranormal investigators record EVP during ghost hunting sessions to contact dead people. Konstantin Raudive, who popularized the EVP idea, said that it is usually brief, usually a word or a phrase long.

Obtaining voices from nowhere

Paranormal investigators use different methods to get EVP recordings. Some EVP enthusiasts do not use a microphone . Instead, they use a circuit that generates white noise to get source sounds. Others use both a white noise generator and a microphone. Others arrange sound recorders in silent places to see what noise they can pick up. The locations chosen are often allegedly haunted.

Quality of EVP

Paranormal investigators categorize EVP quality into three: Class A, Class B. and Class C. An EVP is Class A if the voice is understood by virtually anyone with little dispute. EVPs of this class are often the loudest. A. Class B is reported as the most common EVP type. Here, the voices are characterized by warping of the recorded voice in syllables. There is an excessive warping in Class C. They are hard to understand since the voices are often whispering.

Where do the strange voices come from?

That, of course, remains a mystery. One theory is that the strange voices belong to dead people. This is why a lot of paranormal investigators go to cemeteries to seek EVPs. In this context, EVP is sometimes referred to as instrumental transcommunication (ITC). Many also believe that these noises are voices of angelic or demonic entities.

Experts also theorize that these voices come from another dimension. They believe that there are many dimensions of existence, and beings from other dimension are able to communicate with us through EVP. However, skeptics ask a good question: How do the entities know English or Spanish and other languages spoken in our dimension?

Others believe that the voices come from the paranormal investigators’ own subconscious. It has been suggested that, somehow their thoughts are transferred onto the tape. Skeptics argue that EVP does not exist at all. They believe that voices that people hear in EVPs are either random noise interpreted as voices or real voices that already on the tape. The noises can be voices of actual people picked up from cell phones, radio, and other electronic sources. Others go on to say that EVP is a hoax.

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