Psychic Ability and Genetics

Psychic abilities still remain one of the lesser known human capabilities, if it does exist. The problem is that researchers and scientists find it hard to find a means to effectively study and quantify the nature and inner workings of a person’s psychic ability. One of the questions being thrown around that may also require further study is if such psychic abilities are hereditary.

Psychic Ability And Heredity

Genetics plays an important role in parents handing down traits to their offspring. Physical features such as hair color, eye color, height and weight can be determined by a person’s DNA. Portions of that DNA are usually handed down from parent to child and from which the traits can sometimes be easy enough to distinguish. This may also include certain medical conditions and abnormalities that can sometimes also be unwanted traits that children can inherit from their parents.

When it comes to psychic ability, it is not clearly known if such traits can be handed down from generation to generation. But there are some instances where some known psychics saying that they did inherit their abilities from their parents or other close relatives. Some psychics say that such gifts are inherited or passed down from generation to generation. But so far, there seems to be no accepted means on how such statements can be proven scientifically.

Psychic Ability And Gender

Another common question being brought about concerning psychic ability deals with gender. It seems that many have observed that women are more likely to develop psychic abilities than men. Women are known to become more sensitive to psychic phenomena than men do. There are instances that men do experience such phenomena but are considered as less common.

Examples of such abilities may be found on stories about women and their sensitive intuition, particularly maternal instincts that seem to bond a child with a mother. It seems that mothers seem to feel or detect if their child is in any danger before it even happens or even if both mother and child are distances apart. Some people attribute this to a keener psychic ability that most men don’t seem to acquire.

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