Soul Mates

The term "soul mates" have been popularly used in many aspects of society, mostly with romantic connotations. The term usually describes an individual that seems to have a deep and natural affinity for another person. Many people seem to believe that each one has another person in the world especially fated for him or her. Be it for love, intimacy, spiritually or plain compatibility, there are always two persons who are really meant for each other. This is the basic concept of being soul mates.

Different Theories

Many philosophers have tried to explain the belief in soul mates. One of them, Aristophanes has theorized on the subject in Plato’s book, Symposium. On soul mates, Aristophanes somehow theorized that the gods wanted to diminish the power and strength of humans, who were then walking around with four hands and four feet. The gods felt threatened by the humans when attacked that Zeus, after much reflection, decided to split the humans in two so that they would walk uptight in two legs and their power and strength diminished. This split somehow led to two humans who were once one now existing on earth.

Mystical Theory

Another mystical theory brought forth by Theosophy and modified by Edgar Cayce states that God created androgynous souls that are equally male and female. Later beliefs further state that these souls were then split into either male or female due to karma while living on earth or when separated from God. Through different reincarnations, the souls strive to find each other on earth. And when their karmic debt is finally paid, the two souls will then fuse back into one soul and return to their previous existence.

Types Of Soul Mates

Although when people talk of soul mates, they usually describe people bound by love. But in the general sense, soul mates can be two people somehow connected by something not necessarily attributed to love or romance. Two people may be connected spiritually or by some kind of mystical link. They can be two people of the same gender. Their ages may not even be the same at times. Soul mates can be two people finding some form of connection or affinity with each other that sometimes cannot be explained.

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