Understanding Dimension

Dimension is simply the set of points in an object that defines its shape and size. In physics and mathematics, dimension is defined as the minimum number of coordinates that specify every point within an object. Science fiction also has its own definition of what a dimension is. It can also refer to an alternate plane of existence other than what people are used to knowing.

Physical Dimensions

The conventional dimensions in the physical world are considered to be composed of four different points. In the space-time plane in which people live are fourth dimensional. But people usually consider the use of three dimensions as the typical means of measuring or defining an object’s coordinates. These three dimensions are length, width and height. These three coordinates are what define the spatial dimensions of objects as it applies to the real world.

The Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension is what most people refer to time. Unlike the spatial dimensions given to objects, the fourth dimension seems to affect things differently. From the perception of people, time doesn’t seem to affect physical properties of objects. Time doesn’t have to be symmetric when it comes to physical processes if seen from the human perspective. But there are certain theories, such as those occurring on the subatomic Planck scale, that believe almost all physical processes to be time symmetric with the other three dimensions.

Metaphysical Dimensions

There are also other dimensions believed to have existed other than the world’s physical dimensions of time and space. For one, there are theories created stating of alternate universes and parallel worlds that are mostly the product of science fiction. Others also believe of metaphysical dimensions that transcend just the physical world.

Spirits are known to exist and move in a metaphysical dimension that is known to go beyond the grid or set of coordinates that define reality. Although not quite as easy to prove by means of scientific evaluation, people believe in the existence of such a dimension as proven through various accounts of such worlds usually disguised as legends and mythology of ancient history.

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