Understanding Miracles

Miracles are events that seem to go beyond the natural laws of things. They are events that people see as those brought about with some divine intervention. Miracles are certain incidents that occur where logic and rationality sometimes fail to explain.

Throughout history, there have been many accounts of miracles happening all over the world. There are miracles that have been recorded in ancient religious texts such as the Bible as well as folktales and legends. There are also some people who claim to have experienced miracles personally and have talked about it.

Supernatural Miracles

The most highly regarded of miracles are those that are known to have come from supernatural acts. This view puts miracles as instances where the normal laws of nature are being bent or violated. In the absence of any scientific explanation for such events, people readily believe that miracles happen through the intervention of a Higher Power. But this might depend on the mindset of the person witnessing such occurrences. People who don’t believe in miracles would usually look for other possible explanations other than the supernatural angle even if they themselves may have experienced it.

Religious Miracles

There are many religions that have their own accounts of miracles. A wide number of religious texts have several accounts of miracles brought about by Divine Intervention. The Holy Bible tells of the many miracles of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, starting with turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. Other miracles performed by Jesus included raising the dead and healing a variety of diseases.

Miracles In The Koran

The Koran has miracle accounts that may be defined as the supernatural intervention in the lives of human beings. But the Islamic belief in miracles stem from them being accepted as signs. They also believed that miracles are not made out of independent or secondary causes other than that what God makes.

Rabbinic Judaism Belief

In Judaism, many of the rabbis mentioned in the religious text Talmud held to the belief that the laws of nature are inviolable. This makes it harder for them to accept the idea of miracles. But they have accepted the accounts as truth especially those contained in the Tanakh. But the religious experts explained that the said miracles were natural events that have been set up by God before the beginning of time.

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