Walk-in refers to the even wherein a person’s body becomes by a different consciousness other than the natural resident. It is believed that the original soul has departed and has been replaced by a new soul, or a new soul has come to share occupancy of the body along with the original soul.

Often this will occur during traumatic experiences that lead to a near-death experience on the operating table. It is also claimed that deep emotional disturbance can also set the stage for a walk-in.

After resuscitation, the person’s behavior and mannerisms is totally different from before, may speak an unknown language, and identify by a different name. They may be frightened or confused, or otherwise, unnaturally calm.

A walk-in will state that they are unaware of the whereabouts of the original inhabitant of the body, or that the original soul has either gone to heaven or been reincarnated.  The new individual may also claim to be an angel, or a ‘new’ version of the previous soul. They are usually more experienced souls, although on rare occasion, it may be a brand new soul who has never been incarnated before.

The walk-in usually has a heightened clairvoyant sensitivity, and may have access to some of the knowledge of the previous soul. The walk-in may be unaware of the transition for the time being, and continue to live as if nothing has happened. Sometimes, the old-sself may return after months or years. When this happens, the new-self departs, or, the find a way to coexist in the same body, such as cooperating, alternating, or integrating into a single being.

Documented cases describe the walk-in having multiple personalities, as manifested by a period of unconsciousness, followed by the appearance of a new self. Physical changes include memory loss and the sudden onset of allergies. These however, are not accurate determinants of a true walk-in case. Logically, one would try to determine a specific event that connects with the time one started feeling different (usually anaesthesia.)

It is believed that "a walk-in is a highly-evolved soul whose mission is to help raise the vibrations level of humanity, but doesn’t want to bother with the tedious process of incarnation in the usuall fashion (i.e., birth)".

A host is a person who houses a spirit other than his own. They claim to be able to switch control between occupants at will, as well as communicate and cooperate with them. It is important to make a distinction between walk-ins and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)

Rituals in different countries involve the process of making one’s body available for temporary occupancy by another soul. These voluntary walk-ins may be the spirits of deceased ancestors or nature spirits who come to give advice and help.

These occurrences are not wholly accepted and are criticized by some psychiatrists as a method of attention-seeking and/or play-acting, brought about by distresses that the individual is unable to express.

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