Alien Abduction Phenomenon

Alien abductions have been around for the most part of modern times. With our own technology being developed, many people tend to believe that there are also other extraterrestrial civilizations out there in space going through the same process.

Many think that they have visited Earth and may have taken some humans with them for their own experiments and study. Hence, the news of people being abducted by mysterious extraterrestrial beings has become more common than before despite the lack of credible proof to substantiate such claims.

What is alien abduction?

Alien abduction is the term describing claims by some people of being kidnapped by supposedly extraterrestrial creatures. The abducted humans were then subjected to being experimented on and taken to other dimensions by supposedly extraterrestrial life forms. The abduction claims however, can vary depending on the testimonies of different abducted claimants.

Abduction Claim Sequence

According to accounts of several alien abductees, the details can be summarized in a general and common sequence of events. There is the capture where the alien abductee is said to be forcibly taken from his or her surroundings and transferred into an alien space craft.

The next event of abduction accounts recall abductees undergoing physical examination, sometimes using invasive medical and scientific procedures.

Some accounts recall the alien creatures communicating with the abductee. Other abductee accounts say of being given a tour of the vessel. Other events associated with alien abductions according to accounts include having a loss of the sense of time. A number of abductees seem to forget or fail to recall a majority of what they have experienced.

Accounts of alien abductions also detail how the abductees are returned to Earth. Some have been returned in a different location and usually with injuries as a result of the examination made on them.

After the abduction, claimants are said to experience a sense of profound mystical or spiritual experience. After this event, most of the abductees then have to deal with the deep psychological, physical as well as social effects of the events that they have experienced.


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