Blossom Goodchild and The Alien's First Contact

October 14, 2008 was an eagerly awaited date for many UFO enthusiasts and believers of extraterrestrial life all around the world. It was a date that an Australian medium named Blossom Goodchild said that an extraterrestrial spacecraft will appear and will be visible for three days.

Extraterrestrial beings calling themselves the Federation of Light will come to Earth and will be spreading a message of peace and hope to humanity. The announcement caught worldwide attention by way of the online world from blogs, media sites to forum discussions. It further led to eager excitement on a global scale among UFO circles.

Who is Blossom Goodchild?

Blossom Goodchild is an Australian medium who claims to act as a channeling medium for a North American spirit she calls as "White Cloud" since 1991. She wrote a series of books about her channeling experiences with the said spirit. She recently gained worldwide attention when she announced on August 1, 2008 that a message from cosmic beings who call themselves the Federation of Light will arrive in an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

According to claims made by Goodchild, the Federation of Light would make their spacecraft visible for three days starting on October 14, 2008. The appearance of the spacecraft would be made "in such a way as to prove to us the existence of other life forms in the Universe", according to Goodchild.

This instantly caused a great deal of activity and anticipation among those who believed in extraterrestrial beings as the news spread on various blogs and online forums as well as media outlets such as Youtube.

A No Show?

Prior to October 14, people were widely discussing online about the truth behind Goodchild’s prediction. Some firmly believed that there will be alien spacecraft arriving on Earth while there are some who ridiculed it.

The arrival of the date proved to be a no show for the supposed aliens and no spacecraft were seen anywhere on the planet. The ensuing non-event resulted in a cruel backlash that has many people angry and disillusioned with it all.

After Effects

The said October 14 fiasco led to a discussion over how claims and predictions based on shaky grounds can easily be considered as news worthy and even fact by many people. The prediction gained wide notoriety that there were even online bets made about the supposed extraterrestrial event during the next two months after the said prediction came out.

Although the odds of such an event happening were given at 1000 to one by online bookies. Despite this, it led to bookmakers in UK suspending betting for fear of losing out on a disastrous scale if the spacecraft does appear. No explanation has since been given by Goodchild as to why the so-called Federation of Light failed to show up with their spacecraft.

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